Here’s some common questions we get about getting started with planning as a career…

Q. Are planning jobs just in Local Government?

A. Whilst many سԹ do work in the local government to help their communities develop in the best ways possible, سԹ also work in private consultancies, in Federal and State Government and university research and teaching. Planning can lead to a wide range of specialities and varied career paths.

Q. Do I need a qualification to become a planner

A. Yes, we highly recommend completing an accredited planning course as the easiest means to get the skills you need to enter the planning profession.

Q. Which university offers a planning course?

A. We have over 23 universities around Australia that offer accredited Bachelor (if it’s your first degree) and Masters (if you have a previous qualification) courses. A number of these universities offer both or a choose in different courses.

Q. Which course is best for me?

A. As long as you pick an accredited course, you will be learning all the core skills سԹ need. Courses do vary with each university covering core content whilst also playing to a strength of that university. Some courses will be more design based, some focused more on geography or science or technology. It is worthwhile going to the website of each university you are interested in to look at the subjects/units that make up the courses. The more interesting the subjects are to you, the better suited to that course you will be.

Q. What does it mean to be an ‘Accredited’ course?

A. We accredit the planning courses in the tertiary sector against our Accreditation Policy. This ensures that these courses are teaching the skills we know employers and our communities need in the profession.

Q. What does it mean if the accreditation is only showing as valid until the end of the current year?

A. We run our accreditation process on a five-year rolling schedule. If a course you are looking at, or enrolled in, is showing as accredited only until the end of this year it just means this course is currently undergoing its reaccreditation process.

Q. Does PIA have a network or membership for students as they study planning?

A. Yes to both! You can join PIA at a special student rate whilst you are studying, and this automatically connects you with our Young Planners network. Find out more about becoming a student member of PIA